E001 Saying Hello

Welcome to English with Kimberley.

In this episode, I want to talk to you about introducing yourself for the first time to someone you seen around but never spoken to before.

For many non-English speakers this could be difficult to understand and get right.

Hey! Let’s give this small quiz a try first!

Imagine you want to meet someone for the first time. You’ve seen them around and today you’re at the same bus stop.

Well, what do you think you’re going to do?

Is it…

a) give them a kiss on both cheeks – like you’ve seen in the movies?

b) pretend you don’t know them?

or c) look them in the eye and smile?

Well! Not an easy question to answer – especially if you’re not from a country like Australia.

OK – have you got the answer to the quiz?

Did you come up with c) – look them in the eye and smile?

– You might also use some expressions, like ‘hello’ or ‘hi’.

Oh! By the way, do you know why we say ‘hello’?

It’s because ‘hello’ was originally a way of showing surprise when you found something unexpectedly.

For example, imagine that you put on some jeans that you’ve not worn for some time, then you put your hand in one of the pockets and discover a $20 note!

Well, what do you think you’re going to say?

Yes, that’s it!

It’ll be this, ‘hello’.

And – because it’s such a pleasant surprise – you’re going to say it with a big smile on your face and your eyes wide open too, aren’t you?

So, when you find something that you didn’t expect to, like the $20.

You can say ‘hello’ because you’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, let’s get back to how we introduce ourselves.

Remember, now it’s with a big smile and a ‘hello’.

– Remember to keep those eyes open, because if they’re slightly closed, you’re going to look as if you don’t really want to speak to them and they’ll see this and give you a funny look back.

Also remember, the look you want back from them is a big smile and wide open eyes too.

Then, you’ll know you are going to get along fine with some really friendly small talk.

It’s also really important to remember that we don’t touch each other if we don’t know the other person really well, so keep your distance, what we call an ‘arm’s length’.

Here’s a quick quiz – just for fun!

You walk past someone in the supermarket you know – What do you do?

Is it…

a) look as if you’ve not noticed them?

b) grab them and kiss them on both cheeks?

c) stand back from them a little, look them in the eyes, smile and say ‘hello’ or ‘hi’?

or d) buy them some flowers?

– Yeah, you’ve got it!

It’s c) – stand back from them a little, look them in the eyes, smile and say ‘hello’ or ‘hi’?

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